Helle Books LLC (www.HelleBooks.com), founded by Idyllwild inspirational speaker and book author Helle Brisson, and animation industry artist and children’s book illustrator Helle Urban, released its first book featuring Rasmoose the MooseTM in a new book for the holiday season entitled “Rasmoose the Christmas Moose.”
The book is crafted for children ages 5 to 8, and addresses experiences of friendship, diversity, and meeting and making new friends along with struggles at this childhood development stage including awkwardness, family separation, insecurities and loneliness as they grow up.
Santa and his elves return home to their North Pole after delivering gifts. They discover a lost young moose in an empty sack on their sleigh. What is he doing there? Santa explains that he’s at the North Pole and heartily welcomes Rasmoose to his new family and friends.
Learn how Rasmoose grows up to become the hero who saves Christmas — and it’s not by pulling the sleigh.
This is not just a holiday story. The book teaches readers how kindness and initiative with new friends brings fun and self-growth.
“We’re bringing Rasmoose the MooseTM to life in a variety of ways to engage readers, young and old, so children everywhere can connect with Rasmoose through beautifully illustrated books, rhyming text, and an interactive website with children’s games and an original song,” said Brisson.
“Rasmoose, Amber, Santa and his team of elves are leaping off the pages to life in vivid colors as they find fun and adventure. Every reader will enjoy this colorful book again and again. It will become a cornerstone of their holiday experience,” said Urban.
“Rasmoose the Christmas Moose” [ISBN: 978-0-9884387-8-1] is available from IngramSpark, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and booksellers everywhere.
For autographed and personalized copies, visit www.hellebooks.com/personalized_rasmoose.
For games and musical fun with Rasmoose the MooseTM, visit www.rasmoosethemoose.com.
Brisson is an inspirational speaker and book author whose goal is to lift and inspire others through her books, writers’ retreats and speaking appearances. Her work has been translated into three languages. She has taught writers’ and guided autobiography writing workshops in the U.S., Canada and Europe, and has degrees in nursing, choreography and spiritual psychology. She is the happy grandmother of two.
Urban is an animation industry artist and children’s book illustrator who has been creating art to bring joy to others for 40 years. She has illustrated numerous children’s books, painted portraits of families, children and animals, and was a background artist in the animation industry. Urban’s artwork also has been displayed in numerous galleries and as murals.
Both women were born in Denmark and now make their homes in Southern California. A printer friend introduced them and they quickly found their common love for storytelling. Their name “Helle” means light and is captured in the logo of their publishing company, HelleBooks LLC.