The Riverside County Board of Supervisors had the revised Ordinance 927.2 “Regulating Short Term Rentals”(STR) on its agenda for the Tuesday, Dec. 12 meeting.

If approved, it will go into effect in 30 days.

Planning Director John Hildebrand described the changes made in the draft as a result of board comments at the Nov. 28 meeting:

STR certificate transfers to family 

Section 7.g.2 was added to allow for family transfers of STR certificates in the entire Idyllwild and Wine Country areas, as well as the “North Pocket Area” above Wine Country. The provision does not need to apply anywhere else in the county, as there are no caps or separation requirements. Outside of the restricted/cap areas, a new STR certificate may be obtained at any time, provided the rest of Ordinance 927.2 is met. 

STR lottery timing 

When there is capacity to add new STR certificates within the Idyllwild and Wine Country communities (due to caps), county staff will open the lottery process. Specifically, Section 11.a.3.v.(1) was modified to state that lotteries will occur twice per year in January and July. 

Status of the moratorium – Ordinance No. 449.253 

Pursuant to the provisions of the moratorium ordinance (Ordinance No. 449.253), upon the effective date of Ordinance No. 927.2 (30 days after adoption), the STR moratorium will be lifted and replaced by caps, as described in the ordinance, pertaining to the Idyllwild and Wine Country communities.

Occupancy clarification 

The intent of the occupancy provisions in Ordinance No. 927.2 Section 8.h. and Section 9.e. is to protect the health and safety by limiting the number of persons in the STR, not just the number of overnight guests. Therefore, notices of violation may be issued when the number of persons in the STR exceeds the prescribed limits in the ordinance or STR certificate.

The meeting will start at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 12. It will be in the County Office Building, 4080 Lemon St., in Riverside. The board’s chambers are on the first floor of the building.