The directors of Pine Cove Water District (PCWD) met Tuesday, Feb. 14. This was the first meeting for new Director Becky Smith, who retired as office manager late last year and was appointed to fill the seat Diana Luther vacated.

General Manager (GM) Jeremy Potter was on other business and unable to attend, so Office Manager Jennifer Hayes presented both financial and operations reports.

Due to bimonthly billing, with bills for two months due March 1, financials for the month showed a deficit: Over $96,000 in expenses but income of $35,351. Water production for January, at 2,755,350 gallons, was down 4.6% from January 2023, but up 12% from two years ago. Water loss was 7.4% due to a few leaks with an average total of 20 gpm.

This loss, Smith pointed out, was “not bad, considering we’ve been averaging 10%.” Freezing weather leads to increased leaks. The district’s static monitoring well, #10, was down 3.2 feet at 73.95 feet, but expected to rise with the spring melt. Last year, the well rose above 69 feet, and in dry years the water has been 120 feet below the surface.

The GM’s report noted that a solution has been found to the software support issue created by the Chapter 11 bankruptcy of Smart Earth Technology (SET), the company that sold the district its new “smart” meters and valves. SET/Fenix will support the software and Automated Metering Infrastructure. The district will pay $1.10 per meter per month, and pay only for the meters that are installed, 594 at the time of the report.

Work continues on the property formerly known as Pine Cove Park. A dead tree was removed and thinning of the “frontage” has begun. Temporary signs forbidding trespass and snow play have been posted, and more will follow. Potter has suggested the area be called the “watershed protection area.” The 19-acre parcel is home to three of the district’s wells.

Refurbishment was completed on well #6. Cleaned and scrubbed, it now has a new pump, motor, column and wiring. After flushing and testing, the well is back in service.

The next meeting is 10 a.m. Wednesday, March 13.