Mark "Moose" Spaulding, 47, died in his sleep on Tuesday May 18, 2003 at his home at Astrocamp in Idyllwild.

Moose was born January 1, 1957 in Summerville, West Virginia.

Moose had been an employee of Guided Discoveries since 1981, beginning at the Catalina Island Marine Institute. In 1991 he moved to Idyllwild to help with the creation of Astrocamp and remained on the maintenance staff at Astrocamp until the time of his death.

Moose was a much loved and remarkable man. He was a highly valued employee of Guided Discoveries. His more than 20 years working for the organization were characterized by dependability, a great heart, fun, and dedication to the happiness and safety of all kids and staff. He was a pillar of the staff, providing the strength and support of a foundation. He was famous for the way he made kids laugh and their immediate affection for him. Without fail, he kept the best interests of Astrocamp and the children at heart.

Through his long service to Guided Discoveries and because of the close-knit nature of the organization, he earned a place deep in the hearts of hundreds of his colleagues. His loss is sorely felt and his memory will be along treasured at Astrocamp, and throughout the Guided Discoveries family.

Moose was also well known and an active member of the larger Idyllwild community.

He is survived by his parents Richard and Ada Spaulding; two brothers, Richard and Mike Spaulding; his two sisters Lynn Sales and Barbara Spaulding and his dear friends Rachel Haynes and her daughters.