Riverside County Sheriff's Department officers look at an exit bullet hole in the roof of an SUV discovered at Lawler Lodge Wednesday morning containing the remains of an unidentified individual. Photo by Cid Castillo

Riverside County Sheriff ’s Department Investigator Brad Farwell, lead investigator in the death of Isaac Outland, confirmed on Wednesday, June 29 that evidence to date supports suicide. “Initial forensic evidence supports death by self-inflicted gunshot,” said Farwell.

Farwell also noted he had compared the signature on the suicide note left by Outland with his Department of Motor Vehicles signature, and it was, in his view, an exact match.

Farwell also reported that on Monday June 20, the California Franchise Tax Board seized Outland’s bank accounts, purportedly for non-payment of back taxes. Farwell offered that information as potential evidence of motive, and as another piece of information that supports Outland’s death as a suicide.

Anyone having additional information that might be helpful to this investigation should contact Investigator Farwell at (951) 791-3412.