At the June 24 information arraignment for Frank Gutierrez, 66, of Idyllwild, who was arrested in July 2015, a July 25 trial readiness conference was set with a possible jury trial to begin Aug. 8.

Supervising District Attorney Deborah Lucky filed a paper elaborating on the charge against Gutierrez. In the document, she said, “ … unlawfully receive[d] certain property, to wit, RIFLES [sic], which said property had been obtained by theft, knowing said property had been so obtained, and did conceal and withhold and aid in concealing and withholding said property …” This charge is a felony.

The DA’s Office also submitted a request to discover what witnesses the defense intends to call, and reports or expert statements made in connection with the case.

At a preliminary hearing on June 10, the DA’s Office amended two charges — possession of a controlled substance and possession of more than 28.5 grams of marijuana — reducing them to misdemeanors and dropped two enhancements, which alleged prior felony convictions.

Gutierrez was arrested when Riverside City police, in cooperation with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, arrested Lisa Marie Brown of Riverside for hit and run, vehicular manslaughter and possession for sales of methamphetamine. The arrests were made in Idyllwild.

Gutierrez was originally arrested for various drug-related felonies and possession of stolen firearms. His arrest appeared to be a byproduct of Brown’s arrest, who later pleaded guilty and was sentenced to six years in state prison.

When his initial hearing was scheduled in September, Gutierrez failed to appear. In February, an agent for Aladdin Bail Bonds of Carlsbad, his bail bond firm, found, apprehended and turned him into the sheriff’s department.

He remains in custody with bond set at $200,000.