Bob Lewis reported on Town Hall Adult Co-ed Softball games for the week of July 4.

On Thursday, July 7, the Idyllwild Tea Company Cubs went up against Forest Lumber. The Cubs built a 4-1 lead thanks to Anthony Negrete’s key hit that drove in a couple of runs. Forest Lumber then fought back with a key base hit from Buddy Beagle, putting the team in the lead, where they held through to beat the Cubs 10-8.

On the following evening, July 8, Creekstone Inn hosted Café Aroma. This game came down to the wire. Kathy Lewis collected a couple of base hits resulting in Café Aroma’s lead.

Similar to the previous night, Creekstone came roaring back in the last inning. Dawn Sonnier got a base hit and Josh White drove in the winning hit with two outs in the last inning. Creekstone squeaked by Café Aroma 7-6.

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