By Mimi & Hooch

“Did you leave me because I am too old?” A senior male Chihuahua abandoned at ARF is wondering what he did wrong. “Is it because I need some dental attention, or because I can’t keep up with you on the walk?”
And another abandoned dog, a beagle puppy, is asking, “Did you leave me because I am too young? Is it because I chewed your favorite shoe, or made a mistake in the house?”

Kensington, the beagle, was left tethered to a fence before the sun even came up. Blake, the Chihuahua, was lost and alone in the dark at the lake. Both were abandoned by their owners.

They are now being cared for by ARF angels who will do everything possible to make sure that their next homes provide the love and security only found in a forever home.

What’s the best cure for a broken heart? Why, a dog or cat, of course. And that’s how Chip, our shepherd mix, wagged his way into the heart of his forever human companion. Paws up to you Chip. You are finally home!


Annie’s wish is to wiggle her way into someone’s arms, too. A young Chihuahua/min pin mix, her greatest love, after lap time, is running. Visit Annie at ARF and take a nice, long walk together. You just might find she’d be your perfect companion.

Gus, the young male Rottweiler, looks the part of a tough guy, but deep down he’s just a puppy searching for his home. Partial to females, he will lay at your feet or walk loyally by your side.

ARF has several cats and dogs available for adoption. Stop by and visit our cattery and welcome Isabella, a young calico with a warm personality, who has just arrived. Polly, our orange polydactyl, will be on her favorite perch, and Ringo, the youngest gray, can be found chasing a new toy.

ARF has several cats and dogs available for adoption or fostering. Go to and click on Petfinder. All pets are current on shots and are spayed or neutered.

ARF is open on Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sundays. Call for appointment on any other day at (951) 659-1122. Email and donation opportunities are at or email [email protected].

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