Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats welcomed Minnie, the newest ARF dog.
Zeus: Unbelievable. Just unbelievable!
Thomas: What’s that, Zeus?
Zeus: Minnie has already been adopted! But the good news is she is still on the Hill, happy in Pine Cove.
Indigo: Lucky girl! So, who is next up? Will a cat be adopted?
Sadie: I certainly hope so.
Zeus: ARF posted great photos on Facebook, showing that we are great lap cats.
Mr. Gray: Of course we are. Did someone think differently?
Zeus: I think the problem is so many of us ARF cats won’t jump into the lap of a complete stranger.
Indie: Well, yeah. I won’t cozy up to a perfect stranger. I need a little time to get to know her.
Mr. Gray: Seriously. Would a human expect her toddler to willingly go with a stranger? Probably not. We are the same way!
Indie: If humans would come into our cattery, sit down and just wait, they would be so pleasantly surprised.
Zeus: I am always so happy to be in a warm lap, as long as I’m comfortable with the person.
Sadie: So, are we saying that humans need to give us a chance?
Bear: Yes! I really, really want a forever family, but I just cannot bring myself to show affection to a complete stranger. But when I get to know him or her, look out! I’ll be around all the time.
Heavenly Whiskers: I think they have said it all.
Thomas: They have, and I truly hope the humans will take our advice to heart.
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