The Idyllwild Community Recreation Council has insurance through August to keep the Idyllwild Skate Park open. On Saturday, three teens enjoy the use of the facility. From left, Stephen Kermode, Chris Frahm and Zack Baker take their scooters into the air. Photo by Cid Castillo

Idyllwild Community Recreation Center (ICRC) President Dawn Sonnier’s vision for a state-of-the art-playground for the Idyllwild Community Center (ICC) property is on fast track for county approval.

According to 3rd District Supervisor Jeff Stone’s Legislative Assistant Olivia Barnes, who has been working with Sonnier to move the approval through the various county agencies, all agencies have signed off on the playground plans. “Everyone has signed off,” said Barnes, “Now they’re [ICRC] on to their next step.”

That next step is an early October date before the Planning Commission, with a public hearing, at which any locals can lodge comments and/or opposition to the plan. Barnes noted that all residents directly contiguous to the park location have to be noticed in writing 21 days prior to the hearing.

After the Planning Commission hearing, should there be no significant opposition, the next step is to place approval on the Board of Supervisors agenda.

“I think they’re on to a very smooth process.”

Rumors deflated

During the discussion with ICRC President Dawn Sonnier, she mentioned several rumors she has heard circulating in town and wanted to deflate those balloons:

  1. Fencing around the playground area
    “Yes, a 4-foot fence will encircle the playground with one entrance.”
  2. Drinking fountain and restroom
    “Of course a drinking fountain, no playground is complete without one,” she said. “There will be a temporary porta-facility and handicapped accessibility. The next phase of the project will include permanent restroom facilities.
  3. When will it be open?
    “It’s a 24/7 facility, but there are no lights,” she said.

For more information or to ask additional questions, you can contact Sonnier at [email protected].