Sometime during the night of Saturday to Sunday, Dec. 11 or 12, a vandal or vandals attacked the Idyllwild Help Center, gluing padlocks shut at both the entrance and exit, and destroying signage at the entrance. There appears to be no rational explanation for the destruction.
The damage prevented Help Center workers from entering Sunday morning, said Colleen Meyer, executive director of the center.
Meyer is greatly appreciative of Idyllwild resident and owner of The Sunflower Cafe, Janie Oliver, who came forward to donate $250 to purchase new locks and signs to erase the damage.
The contrast between Oliver and the lowlife person(s) who damaged the Help Center property could hardly be greater.

The vandalism at the Help Center included damage to signage and the gluing of locks, preventing workers from entering Sunday morning. Photos courtesy of Idyllwild Help Center