In an attempt to become a more inclusive and broader-based organization, the Idyllwild Community Recreation Council (ICRC) discussed revising its existing bylaws to allow board service for any Hill resident from Alandale to Highway 74 at the juncture of the Pacific Crest Trail. “We want to give the widest Hill representation,” said Director Linda McCaughin. The board will vote at its next meeting on specific revisions of the bylaws to change the board’s eligibility.

The board announced that it would like, from each future board candidate, a resume and what specific skills the applicant would be bringing that would further the board’s goals and service to the community. Director Scott Redeker opined that he would like to have a board member who is dedicated to fundraising. He proposed Cheryl Vladika, who said she is considering serving.

Redeker said he had lined up most of the speakers, eight so far, to relaunch the popular Speaker’s Series that would begin in the fall. He noted that Chris Singer had once again agreed to house the out-of-town speakers.

In other business, Kathy Sacher Wilson sought board permission to begin construction of the Idyllwild Ghost Town on Aug. 20, as soon as the Idyllwild Summer Concert Series has concluded. The Ghost Town will be open for five weekends in October, said Sacher Wilson.

Barry Stevens presented a request for ICRC to lease space at the Idyllwild Community Center site for a winter ice rink. The board requested a formal proposal.

In answer to an audience question regarding the final ownership of the Idyllwild Community Center, once constructed, President Dawn Sonnier suggested contacting Bill Sanborn, current head of the ICC building committee for an explanation of that.

Lastly, ICRC is facing the issue of how to keep the Skate Park open since its insurance currently only runs though the end of August.