To date I have dealt with Time Warner’s technicians and local management. Now I am trying to deal with upper management regarding their service. I have refused to pay for something I am not receiving.

As a result of this, they have disconnected me. I pay almost $150 per month for Digital TV, Premium Internet access and Vonage telephone. What I received was tiling TV pictures, complete drop-out of picture and sound, and internet access at dial-up speeds or no access at all.

Time Warner has stated that their equipment is functioning correctly and that my problems are the sites I am visiting. Imagine that! MSN, Craigslist, Facebook, State of California DMV, Pogo Games, eBay, Best Buy, Gmail, etc. are all to blame, and not Time Warner? I’ll bet all those sites will disagree.

In fact, Time Warner’s own technicians seem to disagree! The last two techs that were at my home stated that my speeds and signals were all over the place and too low. The management seems to disregard their own techs. Now they want to do more testing at my home, but only if I pay them what they say I owe as I am disconnected. If they want to test, then they can turn it on; I’m not stupid enough to pay for what I did not get.

I have built my own digital antenna for less than $20 and am enjoying more than 50 TV channels without Time Warner. No premium channels, but those are overpriced anyway.

I am now dealing with a district manager located in Inyo. I can’t wait to see how much smoke he tries to blow up my pant legs!

For those of you interested in ditching Time Warner, I can be reached at mitch81350@gmail for alternatives. Digital antennas cost less than you think and can be made at home for those with a DIY attitude. Plans for digital antennas are free on the internet as is any advice or help from myself you may need.

M.J. Mitchell