The Mountain Restaurant is for sale. Photo: Cid Castillo
The Mountain Restaurant, after two sets of owners, is closing. New owners Jambey and Emily Dixon, who bought the business from Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef Brian Ayers, will shutter the restaurant in mid October. The Mountain has been known for its dedication to “slow food,” a style of from-scratch preparation of high-end cuisine. “We may do some catering after that,” said Jambey. “We plan to be here a lot.”

Ayer’s opened The Mountain Restaurant in August 2009 and sold it to the Dixons in January 2011.

B's Mountain of Books. Photo: Cid Castillo
Also on the block is B’s Mountain of Books, site of this summer’s Idyllwild Authors Series, which Eduardo Santiago hosted. Owner Lauren Devore said she has a number of potential buyers that are interested in buying the business.

Santiago had organized a weekly series of top-flight Los Angeles authors to come to the bookstore to discuss their latest works and how they approach their craft. Santiago had created the series in order to help ensure that B’s would continue to operate as an independent bookstore — a fast-disappearing U.S. business niche.

Christmas Is, the Idyllwild staple holiday store, will also close at the end of the year, opening that North Circle location for lease.

Relocating, not closing, is the Idyllwild Heath Center, which is moving from its long-established Fern Valley Corners location to Lower Pine Crest in the former Idyllwild Chiropractic building across the parking loft from the Idyllwild Library. Health Center owners Drs. Kamran Qureshi and Joseph Atiya bought the Pine Crest location and, after some remodeling, plan to make the move, most likely in November, according to manager Keith Bradley. Drs. Qureshi and Atiya have advertised the Fern Valley building for rent, either as a single unit or to divide into two separate rentals.

As of Friday, Sept. 2, the Idyllwild Tea Company and Bistro, featuring Oma’s European Bakery, is now back in Trudy Twardowski’s and her family’s sole hands. “I’ll never lease it out again,” said Twardowski. “For a while now we’ll use their [former operator’s] menu, but then we’ll regroup and make it work. We’ll be full service just as we have been in the past.”

Finally, the Grey Squirrel building, now owned by local entrepreneur Shane Stewart, has a new tenant — Quiet Creek Gallery and Vacation Rentals. Business owners Jim Newcomb and Mike Ahern are expanding their business presence to a more prominent in-town location. For years the Quiet Creek Inn has featured artist shows and displays of fine art in the Inn living room. Newcomb said the Art Alliance of Idyllwild Juried Members’ Show will take place at the new location, 54300 North Circle on Saturday, Sept. 10 and Sunday, Sept. 11.


  1. A TOWN WITHOUT A BOOKSTORE IS A TOWN WITHOUT A SOUL. I was glad to begin the Idyllwild Authors Series to bring visibility and customers to B's Mountain Of Books, and I am devastated to hear that in spite of my best efforts and the participation of so many, the store is closing. The authors series was such a success that a corporate sponsor stepped in to help finance next year's events and notable authors are clamoring to make the trek up to Idyllwild to be with us. I just wanted to put it out there that whoever buys the store also gets my series and me in the bargain. I am committed to continuing the series for as long as the town has a book store.