All eyes are on a live Southern Pacific Rattlesnake, a native to this mountain, held by William K. Hayes, Loma Linda University’s foremost snake authority, during the Idyllwild Nature Center’s program titled “Roam the Realm of the Regal, Reclusive, Recoiling Reptiles” in which Hayes brought out more than half dozen live reptiles, including a Gila Monster, on Sunday, Sept. 4. Photo: Cid Castillo

Featured at the Idyllwild Nature Center was renowned canine trainer Glenn Masey (right), who specializes in working with challenging dogs and is the head of “Homeskooling 4 Dogs.” Nature Center volunteer Elliott Taylor and Idyllwild resident Ellie Rose pay close attention during the event called “Who Let the Dogs Out” conducted by Living Free Animal Sanctuary and Idyllwild Animal Rescue Friends (ARF) on Saturday, Sept. 3. Photo: Cid Castillo