Editor’s note: I apologize for offering you a second column this week. But this is the result of receiving no letters from you this week!

While on the subject of budgeting and spending, below is a brief list of the responses to President Barack Obama’s Jobs Act, which he just unveiled. I’m sure more interest groups will have comments.

What I find interesting is the various groups that feel there’s a problem at the national level of government, but it’s not their interests causing the problem.

AARP says “keep Social Security off the table,” federal employee unions claim it unfairly targets them. But the Petroleum Institute says it would hurt jobs and the Public Health Association feels the cuts to health spending are shortsighted and the Federation of American Hospitals believes it will harm hospital jobs. Even the Corn Growers Association identified problems.

Everybody, on both sides (or maybe this is a polyhedron with many more than two sides), has instantly found fault with the proposal.

Riverside County and the Idyllwild Fire Protection District are encountering the same issue and problem, only on a smaller and more personal level.

Cut spending, raise taxes, borrow, protect public safety (defense and security) are the core of the debate at any level. While decision makers postpone decisions and actions, the problem — deficits or losses — continues to grow and be pushed onto the future.

Below are the titles of recent press releases issuesd by various organizations:

  • AARP — “Social Security should be kept off the table”
  • Alliance for Retired Americans — “President’s plan would strengthen nation and honor the commitment to Social Security”
  • American Federation of Government Employees — “President’s plan unfairly targets federal workers”
  • American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees — “Millionaires’ tax is welcome news but Congress must pass jobs bill now”
  • American Petroleum Institute — “Administration plan would hurt jobs and investment”
  • American Public Health Association — “Proposed cuts to Prevention and Public Health Fund are shortsighted”
  • Business Roundtable — “Lower corporate rate and a competitive territorial system are essential elements of successful economic growth strategy”
  • Citizens Against Government Waste — “President Obama perpetrates the myth that the deficit and debt are a product of too little revenue”
  • Common Cause — “President has finally put some teeth into his case for ‘shared sacrifice’”
  • Communications Workers of America — “White House plan is a positive step for tax fairness”
  • Environmental Working Group — “Obama’s debt reduction plan would eliminate wasteful farm subsidies”
  • Families USA — “Supports President’s approach to budget but opposes Medicaid cost shifts to states”
  • Federation of American Hospitals — “Arbitrary hospital cuts will inhibit job creation”
  • Liberty Counsel — “Obama’s jobs bill attacks charitable deductions in favor of bigger government”
  • National Air Transportation Association — “General aviation groups strongly oppose user fees in White House proposal”
  • National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare — “Good news and bad news in the president’s deficit plan”
  • National Corn Growers Association — “Deeply concerned by proposals that undermine a farmer’s ability to purchase adequate crop insurance”
  • National Federation of Independent Business — “New tax increases on America’s biggest job creators are the last thing this economy needs”
  • National Partnership for Women & Families — “Obama plan is on the right track”
  • National Treasury Employees Union — “Federal workers union is planning to fight pension contribution increases in White House proposal”
  • National Women’s Law Center — “Any cuts to health programs must protect women and families”
  • Service Employees International Union — “Time for corporations and the rich to pay their fair share”
  • Trust for America’s Health — “Proposed cuts to the public health fund is harmful to America’s long-term fiscal security”