I have just one thought after reading the letter titled “Who is Community Center for?” in the Nov. 3 edition of the Town Crier.

There is a story of a woman who went to her priest to confess that she had spread rumors about another individual and asked for forgiveness. The priest handed her a feather pillow and took her up the church tower to the highest spot. There he told her to slash the pillow and allow all the feathers to fly free in the wind.

“Now,” he said, “go and find every feather you just released because a suspicion and half truth is like those feathers ­— you can truly never make someone innocent again.”

I do believe when people use someone else’s name and surrepticiously accuse them of something in a public way without clear evidence, that it is wrong.

Yes, freedom of speech is essential but accusing someone of stealing money from the community and mentioning them by name strikes me as wrong. Those individuals now have to defend themselves on charges fabricated by one angry person and they will never be totally free from suspicion.

Please think about this.

Renate Caine