I read Dr. Tom’s statements on the Bernie Sanders tirade against Russell Vought with great interest.

It prompted further reading about the incident which was quite illuminating, and in my opinion, much more damaging to Sen.Sanders’ character than Mr. Vought’s.

I appreciate that Dr. Tom is properly concerned about the unconstitutionality of a religious test for government office. This concern is quite appropriately applied considering that Vought’s alarming statement was made in response to Sanders’ repeated question, “Do you think that people who are not Christians are condemned?” a question that has no direct relevance to his serving in a government post.

It is interesting to note that, although he is “personally torn about the proper response,” Dr. Tom summarizes what he does know in the form of two questions: “Whomever you believe your deity to be, if he condemns someone who doesn’t believe like you, then why should you treat that person with the dignity and respect that, as an agent of our government, you should treat all citizens?” And, “Can’t you see that an attitude like that is destructive of your soul?”

The first question would be an excellent follow-up question to Vought’s statement. As he was not given the opportunity to answer, I shall attempt to answer both questions in his stead.

I cannot speak for other religions, but the reason a Christian in government office should treat all citizens (condemned or not) with dignity and respect is because he follows Christ, the deity who issued the command to “love your neighbor as yourself” and even followed this statement with an illustration that placed a despised foreigner in the role of “neighbor.” A Christian’s moral behavior is bound by the highest standard of love and sacrificial service to all. Because of this, I rest even more confidently in Mr. Vought’s fitness to serve.

In answer to the second question: No. I don’t see how an attitude like that is destructive to my soul.

Submitted to the Town Crier by:

Tom and Jody Evans