Supervisor Stone:

As you may have to appoint the board vacancy at the Idyllwild Fire Protection District, consider a new candidate. There were two individuals that turned in their paperwork on time. Mark Spehar is a longtime resident with fire experience and currently employed by CDF. The other candidate is Max Sparks, also a long- term resident with a fine resume.

Please do not consider Pete Capparelli. Pete is a fine community member and has served in many capacities. Pete appointed himself to serve on the ad hoc committee with Paul Riggi to find an appointee to fill the seat vacated by Ben Killingsworth.

As the deadline for applicants approached, none had arrived. The ad and posted notices mention that all applicants were to send their resumes and other information to Pete’s personal P.O. Box or Pete’s personal e-mail.

Pete decided that he should fill the vacated seat even though he was on the ad hoc committee and the current president. Pete sent a letter to his fellow board members stating he would resign contingent upon his being appointed to the vacated seat (dated Nov. 4, the day after the Nov. 3 deadline).

Two applicants turned in their paper work on or before the Nov. 3 deadline. Pete did not rescind his intentions. In fact a second letter appeared with an earlier date (Nov. 1) stating why he would like to be considered.

During our regular meeting on Nov. 8, Pete acknowledged he had a conflict of interest by excusing himself to stand in the audience when this agenda item was addressed. He turned the meeting over to his fellow committee member and V.P. Paul Riggi, who then nominated Pete. A vote was called for. Riggi voted “Yes,” as did Stigall. Schelly said, “No.”

Supervisor Stone, we are a five member body. For any action to be approved it must be by a majority. Two members opposed by one is not a majority.

There were four members in attendance. Pete’s abstention makes the vote 2-1-1 still not a majority. It is in violation of law for this appointment to stand. Should this appointment come to you according to Government Code 1780 it would be wrong of you to appoint Pete Capparelli to the position.

The two other candidates that are qualified to serve are being unjustly denied the opportunity to serve because of a sneaky move by a lame duck politician.

Charles Schelly
IFPD Commissioner