Last week [the Nov. 24 issue of the Town Crier], Kathy Lewis, in her letter, raised a lot of complaints regarding Town Hall’s current staff. Poor Ms. Swanson (current Town Hall helper) merely wrote the week before requesting a healing, for all of us to get together for the good of the children. [I felt] Kathy responded in anger and accusation.

Why not all of us get together and help the children? Kathy Lewis, Dawn Sonnier (and the rest of the ICRC staff), Bill Sanborn (and the rest of the ICC staff).

Kathy, you helped build the day care. Why not patch things up, lend a hand and teach the new staff? Dawn and the rest of ICRC and Bill and the rest of ICC refuse to have anything to do with Town Hall. What a tragedy, a 40-year-old program that our children are depending on.

You all have so much experience, you all could help. The current Town Hall staff is doing a heroic job of trying to keep things going for our children. Even if you get your new community center operating (unlikely), it will take years. If you care about recreation, if you care about our kids, they could use your expertise now. GeGe, Susan and the rest of the current staff are doing a heroic job.

It’s not the current staff’s fault Dawn and ICRC were terminated by the county after one year of violating probation. It’s not their fault ICRC stole all the records from Town Hall when they made their exit in anger. It’s not their fault all the deposits community members made to recreational programs that ICRC never delivered, were never returned. It’s not their fault, people like Bill Sanborn, chairman of the Idyllwild Community Center make statements like, “I’m not concerned about recreation. I just want a new community center building.”

How would you like to take over a company after its been in operation for 40 years? The old employees bad-mouth you to all your customers. They steal all the records, refuse to give back the deposits. Then the old employees have nothing but criticism, “what a bad job their doing.”

As Susan Swanson meekly asked, let’s get together, patch things up, and get things working. Let’s do it for the sake of our kids, for the sake of local sports, for the sake of recreation, for the sake of our community.

Sharon Kaffen