It’s about time the Watershed Watchdogs put this level of attention into their own district and leave ours alone.

Who’s in Stage 2 Water Restrictions, anticipating another dry winter? Pine Cove and Fern Valley water district?

Who’s held a Transparency Certificate and a District of Distinction Award from the state? PCWD

Who sends out valuable information, such as Preparing for Evacuations, Emergencies, Drought Preparedness, Conservation, Early Warning System, at least four newsletters a year, to its customers, keeping them updated on PCWD, continually offers rebates to their customers and offers a Leak Reward Program? PCWD

Who provided a place for Mercy Air and fire helicopters either to land or get water? PCWD.

Who’s hydrant-maintenance program has been labeled “one of the best in the county” by Cal Fire? PCWD

Who has a Main Line Replacement Program and has installed more than 2,300 feet of new main line this summer? PCWD

Who’s been relentlessly working with Cal Fire and MCFSC to provide a fuel-reduction program around the community? PCWD

Who’s jeopardized water quality and was cited September 2017, but waited until recently to notify its customers? IWD

Who’s lake is dry but is not implementing Stage 1 or Stage 2 water restrictions? IWD

Who doesn’t have a permanent GM, only an interim who works three days a week, and makes more than either of the other two water managers? IWD

Who filed a lawsuit against its own retired employees and current director? IWD

I’m writing this because I’ve had enough of individuals bad mouthing PCWD, the board and the GM. And for the record, the board offered to let its GM use his vacation time to help IWD when it lost its GM and board. Who refused the help? IWD.

Why? Because it was Jerry who offered. I can’t recall a time in my 12 years at PCWD that we’ve ever denied help to another district on this mountain.

PCWD is in the shape it’s in because of its board’s support, both past and present. Its staff works well together and as a team. Our board and GM do what’s in the best interests of its customers, short- and long-term.

Why would we ever want to change that? Why would our customers want us to change that? We truly care about our customers and supplying them with excellent-tasting, quality, drinkable water and I believe they appreciate that.

Becky Smith

PCWD customer and employee