During the holiday season, please take pity on poor Jeff Smith. In his Dec. 22 letter, “Volunteers have reasons,” in the Town Crier, he is unable to conceive that anyone would volunteer for service to the community without an ulterior motive.

Like Ebenezer Scrooge before that fateful Christmas Eve, he delivers a hearty “Bah! Humbug!” to those who do volunteer service.

People whom I know such as Doug Austin, Bill Bashford, Don Deitz, Larry Donahoo, Bonnie Doshier, Scott Fisher, Steve Friemoth, Mel Goldfarb, Ed Hansen, Bronwyn Jones, Erin O’Neill, Bob and Pat Parish, Roz Tilson, Adele Voell, Charlie Wix and numerous others serve as volunteers because they feel an obligation to serve their community.

Their altruism makes our community a better place.

In his letter, Mr. Smith attributes ulterior motives, rather then altruism, as the reason for volunteering for public service. His very narrow view of humanity is to be pitied.

Calvin Gogerty