You added “Capparelli’s reappointment to the commission was done during a public meeting” to my last letter.

It was a public meeting, but the public’s voice was not heard. [Former] President Pete Capparelli and Vice President Paul Riggi had just been voted out of office, rejected by the people in our general election. They lost by a large margin, the people of Idyllwild voted for change.

Riggi’s last act, before exiting, was to vote Capparelli back in. Also voting for Capparelli was Commissioner Jeannine Stigall.

Two fire commissioners overturned an entire general election.

The other commissioner present at the meeting called it “a sneaky move by a lame -duck politician.” Commissioner Stigall was quickly rewarded, becoming the new president.

[Former] Commissioner Ben Killingsworth, seeing the general election results, had the dignity to voluntarily resign. Mr. Capparelli saw the results and found a way to void them.

By allowing this, it gets harder and harder to trust our fire commission (Capparelli, Stigall, Schelly, Larry Donahoo and Jerry Buchanan) in an emergency.

Recall Capparelli. Rehire Chief Walker.

Sharon Cassen
Pine Cove