Price of gas rose before Ukraine war

Dear editor:
Well, I promised myself (and many of you ) no more letters to the Town Crier (sorry, Becky) but here’s one more.
Regarding the photo on the front page showing the posted prices at the gas station in the middle of town: A nice photo even if the Chevron sign blocked out the date of the paper publication.
The blurb under the photo indicated the high prices were the result of the war in Ukrainian. The price of gas has been rising long before the Ukrainian excuse. It’s gone up over $2 a gallon in the past year. Inflation in general has increased to almost 8% in the past year.
Gee, is there anyone out there who may have an explanation for this? There hasn’t been any war until very recently.
Bob Rahman

Idyllwild real estate

Wow, is it just me or do others find it quite ironic that Shane Stewart needs to put a half-page color ad in the TC with an “Urgent Message” to get mountain residents to sell their homes because only 11 are on the market?
Then, the following page has another half-page color ad showing his 19 agents in his three different locations, and still trying to recruit more because “the sky is the limit.”
I think he’s right. Unfortunately, the sky might be all that we have left soon. I have an idea. Maybe all of our residents, including Mr. Stewart and his agents, could sell their homes to investors that will turn them into short-term rentals (STRs), especially now that the new STR ordinance doesn’t put a cap on the total number allowed.
Our entire town could consist of all STRs along with the businesses that cater to them. Sorry, no more real estate agencies because there won’t be anything left to sell, but you could turn them into gift shops. Our local workforce that supports all tourist-related businesses could live in Hemet or Banning and we could have a shuttle service bring the workers up the Hill to service the visitors and then return them to their less expensive houses or apartments off the Hill.
Who knows? Maybe even robots could provide the service? What a wonderful mountain utopia that would be for visitors. Are you in?
Dave Hunt
4th Generation Idyllwild Hillbilly