I always go to my favorite part of the [Town Crier] first, Students of the Month. Here we see no rancor, just smiling kids and wonderful comments about what makes them great kids. Maybe as adults, we could learn from these kids.

Then, when I need a healthy dose of rancor, I head to my second favorite part, the letters to the editor.

This letter says, “It is his or her fault,” the other letter says, “No. It is his or her fault.” Great rancor!

I enjoy reading rancor, so I am all for one letter per issue, this will let the rancor roar. More letters, please — it’s better than TV!

Four hundred and fifty words seems pretty good for rancor, although long drawn out rants are really fun. So I’m not totally sure on this one.

Unsubstantiated personal attacks are also lots of fun, but appending evidence seems fair to the attackee.

Complaints about local businesses or individuals being shared with the allegedly offending party makes sense. Then the allegedly offending party can also write a letter and we can get rancor from both sides!

Of course, all of this rancor can’t be good for tourism to our peaceful mountain, forest village. I think tourists check out the Town Crier.

With no offense to anyone, substantiated or unsubstantiated.

Peter Davison
Pine Cove