Last September the Riverside County closed the play yard set at Town Hall [because they] deemed it unsafe.

It was “fenced in” with flimsy orange plastic. To date, nothing has been done, but a lot of buck passing.

In my opinion, it needs to be removed at once. As I understand real estate law, anything permanently affixed to the property becomes the owners’ responsibility, their property and liabilty. Whoever owns this yard has liability for any accidents that occur.

The flimsy orange fence will not keep kids away in the summer and no one is at Town Hall during the weekends. Not only is this a huge liability, but it is an eyesore as well.

The owners need to stop passing the buck and tear this dangerous eyesore down.

I also think it is unkind to the kids at Town Hall to have the swings there and they cannot play on them.

Susan Swanson
Town Hall