I was reading “Outside Idyllwild, Halfway Spring …” in the Town Crier’s March 29 edition.

Golden eagles in Idyllwild! Now that explains everything.

Here’s my story, I was returning to L.A. about 2 years ago, we had just come into Hemet from Mountain Center after a two-day stay. During that time, we had seen the bald eagle over Lake Hemet and had talked to the folks in the camp store there about the sighting. They had some photos displayed of it. Very nice.

So we are traveling along Florida Avenue. My husband is driving and I am looking out the window. On a piece of open land and about ten feet from the road, there is something odd on the ground.

As we pass, I realized it was two eagles standing on something dead. And they were golden eagles.

I was shocked. But my husband, who didn’t believe me, kept on driving.

So when I read your article yesterday, you made my day. I really thought I had been seeing things, and I’m so thrilled that they live on the mountain.

Helen Kinsey