What should be provided by public governance and the private sector to the people of this mountain?

And what grave injustices are being committed by the institutions, the people who serve them, those who seek change and those who engage in efforts to remain the same through exploitations of our subpopulations, whether it be neighborhoods or smaller groups, within our community?

In my efforts to aggressively encourage high quality emergency medical services, health care, water production, fire protection and recreation I knowingly fed long-standing and gravely immoral feuds among the people of this mountain willing to sacrifice human relationships and friends for a cause.

These feuds find large quantities of new meat every day through our churches, friendships, employment, service clubs and political affiliations.

I can no longer participate in this hate-filled ritualistic practice. For those who continue, may God extend his hand of forgiveness. I offer my sincerest apologies to the people of this mountain and seek forgiveness from the victims of this behavior.

Jeff Smith
Pine Cove


  1. So Jeff…. is this an apology for all the rabble you've roused for all these years? Does this mean that you will no longer be a thorn in the flesh of those community leaders who volunteer their time to try to manage various local services? Were the Mayans correct and the world has come to an end ???