In First Fridays Reader’s Theater, Isis Theater Company performed a series of vignettes from “Motherhood Out Loud” at the Quiet Creek Gallery. The whole company performed in the last vignette of the night, “My Baby” by Annie Weisman. Sitting in the front row (from left) are Betty Anderson, Suzanne Avalon, and Alicia Dufour. Sitting in the back row (from left) are Jeri Greene, Diane Burt, and Howard Shangraw. A repeat performance is scheduled for Sat. May 12. Photo by Careena Chase

Betty Anderson being a New Mom in "Squeeze, Hold, Release" by Cheryl L. West. Photo by Careena Chase

Suzanne Avalon, founder and president of Isis Theater Company, performing in "Stars and Stripes" by Jessica Goldberg in Friday nights gala event "Motherhood Out Loud." Photo by Careena Chase

Jeri Greene, Alicia Dufour, and Suzanne Avalon founder and president of Isis Theater Company. Here they are reading and performing "New in the Motherhood" by Lisa Loomer. Photo by Careena Chase