Comedian Wanda Sykes, Chief of Staff Phyllis Mueller, Mayor Max and Kelly Clarkson. Photo by the kelly clarkson show

The Mayor’s office was invited to speak on The Kelly Clarkson Show during her National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month episode that aired on NBC this last Friday afternoon.
Clarkson asked, “How did Max II become the mayor of Idyllwild?”
The mayor’s Chief of Staff Phyllis Mueller told Clarkson that the election came about as a fundraiser and that Idyllwild has no local politicians. Clarkson asked with a giggle, “Is it happy there?”
“We’re happier. Definitely! Come and visit someday,” Mueller responded.
In true Mayor Max style, the mayor was spreading the word about doing kind and loving things for people ⎯ instead of politics like most mayors. Mayor Max spends his days bringing smiles to peoples’ faces with the help of his staff, Mueller and Glenn Warren.
Being on The Kelly Clarkson Show was no different. Mayor Max had the audience oohing and awing with delight. Comedian Wanda Sykes helped Idyllwild’s mayor pose for a picture on set. The Property Brothers’ Jonathan and Drew Scott also helped snap a photo so Clarkson could be in the photo with Max and Mueller.
Sykes asked the mayor, “How’s your golf game?”
The message Mueller conveyed was we can all learn a thing or two from our furry, four-legged mayor about being loving, kind, and compassionate, no matter what is going on in the world.

Mayor Max with his Chief of Staff Phyllis Mueller on The Kelly Clarkson Show.
Photo by Glenn Warren
Mayor Max and Chief of Staff Phyllis Mueller with Kelly Clarkson. Photo by the kelly clarkson show

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