Ron Kimmerle, twice arrested and twice jailed within the last two weeks, was again released, this time on May 9. The reason given for the release by the clerk at Southwest Detention Center, at which Kimmerle had been incarcerated since May 7, was “the District Attorney would not file charges.”

Kimmerle was first arrested on suspicion of receiving stolen goods on April 27 in Pine Cove and bail was set at $5,000. Kimmerle posted bail and was released. He was arrested, again in Pine Cove, on May 7 on suspicion of making criminal threats, a felony, and bail was set at $100,000.

Sgt. Wallace Clear, Special Investigations Supervisor Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Hemet Station, the agency that arrested Kimmerle both on April 27 and on May 7, had confirmed with Southwest Detention Center on Tuesday, May 8 that Kimmerle was still in custody and that bail had been set at $100,000. Later that day, the Town Crier confirmed the same facts with SWDC.

John Hall, District Attorney's Office Public Information Specialist, said regarding why charges were not filed, "We did not file any charges due to lack of sufficient evidence. And because there is no case filed, there is no further comment."


  1. So…RSO sent an entire team up for the first arrest (the stolen goods charge), which by the looks of the photos taken that day, was a huge use of resources and manpower. Why, if RSO sent that big team up the first time, is the DA not pressing charges for this second offense, which is a felony? You would think law enforcement would all be on the same page here. Hopefully this will not end in another Idyllwild tragedy.

  2. Yes, he needs to be evicted but the owner of the cabin has to be the one to do it and until he does, things will remain the same and probably get worse now that he thinks he's invicible. If we thought he acted like he "owned" the town before his arrests, just wait and see. He'll shuv it down our throats now!!

  3. For local Hill residents. I have created an open FB group page, please feel free to join and or add friends who are local residents: (Idy, PC, FV, Public Safety Info) This is an additional resource to keep Hill area residents up to date on Public Safety Info. Thank you for the continued work the Town Crier staff is doing as Well as Idyllwild Herald to keep people apprised of any current changes in this case as well as other Public Safety issues! Remember to always call 911 if you have a situation with anyone that has the potential to turn violent. Do not take threats lightly. And, if someone is under the influence of drugs, alcohol and even some prescription meds and they are becoming violent… DO NOT engage them or knock on their door. Call the Sheriff and have them deal with it. ALWAYS be of the mindset that a person who is acting erratically and in anger is ARMED AND DANGEROUS! You may not see a weapon but they could have a knife and or gun or they could pick anything up and use it as a weapon! As a former Federal Law Enforcement Officer with the US Coast Guard I can tell you from experience that a situation can turn violent very quickly under the right circumstances. So, let Law Enforcement take care of any direct confrontations, etc. If, you have to defend yourself first see if you have a retreat to safety rather than have a conflict. If you have no other choice choose the least violent level of force to apprehend a person if you must. You can make a citizens arrest and detain an individual if someone is a known felon that is being sought by Law Enforcement or you have witnessed a person or person's committing a felony crime. Traffic violations and misdemeanors do not qualify for a citizens arrest. Call 911 as soon as possible or have someone else call! In California you can apply for a Concealed Carry Permit: be prepared for a long process! Again, the best response to a bad situation and especially a person already know to Law Enforcement is to walk away, make a report and let the Law Enforcement Professional find the individual. Also, I would add that we do not need vigilante groups up here. In addition to the Riverside County Sheriffs we also have Highway Patrol that are often on the Hill. as well as, the State Park Law Enforcement Ranger and the USFS Law Enforcement Ranger. I have spoken to both agencies in the past few days and they have confirmed that they can respond to a situation that is a "matter of life and death emergency". Always call 911 Dispatcher first. Ask them what the response time will be. Remind them that we have USFS and State Park Law Enforcement Officers here! And, ask them if there is a Highway Patrol Officer on the Hill. All this information is on the group page in detail. As a community we can and will stand against all crime! Working together, with Law Enforcement, the District Attorney's Office and The County Supervisors office. Within the Legal System and Process, eventually this criminal will be locked up. But, he also has rights! He has the right to hsi privacy right now and not to be targeted! Just be aware and if there are issues with him… Call 911. Take it from a do it yourself kinda guy… it is best not to do it yourself! Been there done that!

  4. Please don't blame RSO. Sheriff Sniff and Captain Collins are wll aware of the problems with our out-of-control neighbor and have done EVERYTHING they can and have been very responsive to our concerns. It's up to the DA now. Ronnie is on a downhill slide. Hopefully, his bottom will happen soon and he will get some help (or more permanent incarceration) which will give us some relief. Piece of advice from RSO – make a report if there is any problem with Ronnie (small or large). They need as much historical documentation as possible – threats, out of control, etc.

  5. Yes, report anything and everything he does that's out of line!
    There's good news though. He's being evicted. He has until July 2 to get out. I saw copies of the paperwork and can confirm that it's a 60 day eviction. Let's hope he leaves the hill.

  6. So, someone can threaten my family with a firearm and thats ok? I'd like the DA to come up and live next to him and see if charges get pressed them. Scum of the earth = Ronnie. He is being evicted but I really don't think he'll go quietly. He doesn't do ANYTHING quietly. POS

    • A TRO is an excellent idea and will cost you nothing. If you feel you are immediately threatened, you can have a Sheriff's officer serve him. I don't live in Riverside County, but I do believe you can print out the forms online. If he has threatened you using a gun, his home will be searched and all firearms will be confiscated. Don't hesitate — do it TODAY!

    • Get a restraining order. It's a long process but well worth it. You may not be granted the order but it will be on record with the courts and if he ever hassles you again you can go back to court and will most likely get the restraining order against him. This is the only way you'll get him to stop harassing you. And remember, it will be on record with the courts. He's already on record with the Hemet court and if they see that people keep trying to get restraining orders against him that something must be wrong with him and not all of us.

  7. For those of you who have actually been threatened… the best time to apply for a concealed carry permit in "Riverside County" (permits are by County and only good within the County where issued) is when someone is actively threatening you and you feel you and your family are in danger due to these threats. You need to have it on record with Law Enforcement that these threats have been made and also a restraining order helps.

    Without an active threat then it is almost impossible to get a concealed carry permit and it is [illegal to open carry in California] thanks to our wonderful legislators in Sacramento. Notice how easy it is for a criminal to obtain a weapon. Ronnie had all his (stolen) weapons confiscated while in Jail the first time. Then gets out and obtains another gun. Gets arrested again for pointing the illegally acquired gun in an individuals face and threatening him and is out on his own recognizance the next day. But, if I were to be in possession of a gun without a license for concealed carry I would be thrown in Jail and prosecuted.

    So, apparently it is okay for criminals who are connected and have friends in the DA's office to do whatever they please but for a law abiding citizen we have to jump through numerous hoops, e.g., be threatened or injured, go through a lengthy background check, including finger print scans, interviews with the Sheriffs department and psychologist, three letters of reference, and then pay numerous outrageous processing fee's, etc…

    Read for yourself: Riverside County Sheriffs Department: Firearms and requirements for concealed carry,

    Work within the law and stay safe!