Jim Kutschand Bruce Connle serve up the spaghetti at the Idyllwild Fire Department’s 51st annual Spaghetti Dinner on Saturday night. The event was held at Idyllwild Pines Camp. Photo by Barbara Reese
As usual, a large crowd gathered for the Idyllwild Fire Department’s 51st annual Spaghetti Dinner at Idyllwild Pines camp on Saturday night. Photo by Barbara Reese


    • The money raised from the Idyllwild Firefighter’s annual spaghetti dinner goes to fund the Idyllwild Firefighter’s Association Fund. This is a fund set up to pay for incidentals not covered by tax revenues, grants or other funding received. An example of an Association expense would be to buy flowers for a fallen firefighter’s family or to purchase a get well card for someone that they may have transported in their ambulance. Money raised here is spent for good causes not ordinarily considered operating expenses or part of the fiscal budget expenses anticipated. This is also a great opportunity for the IFPD to allow the public to meet the members that work (paid or volunteer) and to see the types of equipment they have on hand. A chance for the community to grow close to those who may save their lives or protect their properties in the event of life or fire. They now have an ISO rating of 2 which is pretty good all things considered!