In a short meeting, on Sunday, June 26, five board members of the Art Alliance of Idyllwild and 12 members met to revise current bylaws.

The five attending board members included President Shanna Robb, Veda Roubideaux, Del Marcussen, Darcy Gerdes and Peter Szabadi.

Proposed by motion was a move to lower the minimum number of directors of the corporation from the current seven to four. Attending members voiced concern of having a minimum number of directors that was an even number. After discussion, a motion was made and approved to amend the bylaws to read “The authorized number of directors of the Corporation shall not be less than three (3) nor more than nine (9).”

The next step would be for Robb to update the bylaws, have them signed by the board secretary and then posted on the AAI website.

In a recent AAI newsletter, the reason for calling the special meeting was: “With the recent announcement of board members leaving due to personal reasons, to avoid being put in a position where we don’t have enough board members to proceed with business, the nominating committee has recommended that the minimum number of board members be amended.”