Pine Cove Water District General Manager Jerry Holldber presented his board a draft budget for fiscal year 2012-13 (beginning July 1). The $757,000 budget is an increase of $7,000 more than the current year, less than one percent growth.

The proposed budget alloctions are very similar to this year’s, with slight increases in property tax collection ($10,000) and a comparable decrease in revenue from current services. “We’re selling less water,” Holldber said.

In projected operating expenses, Holldber forecasts nominal increases in communications (phone, Internet of $1,500), system maintenance ($7,000 for water meter fittings), and lab testing ($10,000). Explaining this increase, Holldber told the board, “There’s nothing wrong. There are just more testing requirements.”

A projected $2,000 decrease in the audit costs resulted from economies of scale that came from signing a three-year contract with a new auditor.

In the proposed budget, salaries remain the same for district employees, but medical and life insurance premiums are projected to increase by $4,000, “the result of an aging work force,” said Holldber. Capital improvements increase $60,000 for the pipeline extension from Dutch Flat, with a $43,000 decrease in source development (less to complete on the Highway Tank project).

In other business, Holldber recommended that the board continue with conservation rebates. “It’s good for the customers and the community,” he said.

Holldber reported that April water production is up from the same time in 2011 but still below 2010 levels. Static measuring Well 10 fell 2 feet, but is still higher than in some previous years.

On their attorney’s recommendation, the board passed Resolution 470, setting in place rules for administration of employer-employee relations, including the right to organize.