The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Southwest Detention Center confirmed on Wednesday, May 30 that Ron Kimmerle, 49, of Pine Cove had been released at midnight that day. The SDC deputy said Kimmerle’s release was federally mandated “because of jail overcrowding.” Because of the federal release, Kimmerle did not have to post bail. Riverside County Superior Court charges against him — 2 counts of felony burglary and 2 of felony receiving stolen property — remain in force.

Kimmerle had been scheduled to appear in court at 8:30 a.m., June 1 for a felony settlement conference at the Southwest Justice Center in Murrieta. When he failed to appear, the court issued a bench warrant for his re-arrest.

Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Hemet Station deputies executed the warrant in Pine Cove around 11 a.m.. Saturday June 2, Kimmerle’s fourth arrest in fewer than six weeks. Kimmerle is again in jail at Southwest Detention Center awaiting an 8:30 a.m., June 8 felony settlement conference at Southwest Justice Center. Bail is set at $120,000.

California is under order from the United States Supreme Court to reduce prison overcrowding in its 33 prisons, on 8th Amendment grounds. The Court ordered the state in 2011 to reduce its prison population by about 33,000 inmates. Built to accommodate 80,000 inmates, California prison population in 2011 was almost double that. The Court’s 2011 order required the state to cut prison population to 137.5 percent of design capacity over a two-year period to a maximum of 110,000 inmates. The mechanism for making the cuts could be through transfer to county jail systems or by housing prisoners out of state, with California paying costs.

State realignment of many low-level, non-violent criminals from state prisons to county jails that began in Oct. 2011 caused Riverside County jails to reach full capacity in Jan. 2012. As a result, non-violent and non-sexual predator criminals are being given early release and those charged and not yet convicted of non-violent crimes, like Kimmerle, are also likely to be released prior to hearing dates because of lack of jail beds. Additional county inmate bed capacity will not increase for a number of years given the time it will take to expand the Indio jail facility.


  1. This guy needs to go to a court-mandated alcohol rehab, like yesterday. Clearly he's not thinking right if he keeps going back to the same place where he doesn't belong, is being evicted and generally despised.

  2. The joke goes like this: A bear hunter goes in the forest, but a bear beats him up.
    The next day the hunter returns, the bear beats him up a second time.
    The third day the hunter returns, the bear beats him up a third time.
    The fourth day, the hunter returns, the bear says to him: You're not here to hunt, are you?

  3. Well, I was gone for a week and have come home to items missing off my back deck. I'd like to check in this guy's stuff to see if he took it. If not, there is another theif around town. Has to be a man because that umbrella stand was quite heavy and didn't walk off by itsself!

  4. Idyllwild pine cove residents and their discriminitory attitudes make me sick. I know I moved away from there 2 months ago. Absolutely filled with gossiping, stuck up, meddling, nothing else to do, wicked, mean biggots. Ever hear of a little thing called innocent until proven guility in a court of law. Or respecting someone's privacy? Or If you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything. How is this talk helpful to your community. Disquisting. Glad I moved.

    • "Or If you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything."
      Good words to live by, eh? Every community has "gossiping, stuck up, meddling, nothing else to do, wicked, mean biggots." The problem isn't the pain in the arse nasty people, however unpleasant they may be. The problem is the influx of the seedy lowlife scummy element that has crept in over the last several years that are changing the landscape of our hippy dippy artsy fartsy community. If it continues, no amount of marketing or advertising on billboards is going to attract anyone to make the trek up the Hill when they've got to step over puddles of blood to get into the liquor store or run from some whack job in front of the post office, or worry that their teens are going to witness a drunk urinating in public, then offer to show them his junk, or wonder if the cabin they're renting was a crack lab or pot farm in recent times. There's a huge difference between live and let live and duck and run. And there's a huge difference between cranky old mean people and criminals who are willing to endanger life and limb over a few dollars of drug money.

  5. I live in Fern Valley.
    Idyll–biggott–We are glad you moved away also! We don't need your harshness to ruin our mellow! It's a free country and we can warn each other of danger when we see it. Good luck in the flatlands!

  6. Idyll-biggott, you were obviously another flat lander that moved up to the mountain, and couldn't make it…so back to the flat lands you go! so sorry that you have to live amongst the smog and traffic, and bottled water-sounds like it fits you. I sincerely hope that if Ronnie does get out of jail, he moves RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO YOU, or one of your LOVED ones-THEN we would love to hear your opinion-as for us mountain folk…we will enjoy our beautiful clean air and water…and our Zen….

  7. To idyll_biggot….if you choose to store stolen items in your walls, then you will come under harsh scrutiny, just like Ronnie, but hey, it must be ok in your book to store your stolen items inside your walls, glad you moved. Thank you for sparing us your unintelligent presence.

  8. Exactly the replies I was expecting, see what I mean. Fingerpointing at someone you don't know, imagining who I am ie flatlander, etc. Listen to yourselves! Not very Zen-like you mountain folk on an open public comment forum. I dont think Ive ever seen or heard so many comments with a "git outta our town if you don't like what we say" attitude since the south about 50 years ago! All Im saying is to me all your comments are in the same catagory as the actions of this man you say you hate so much, negative feeds on negative. Let the authorities do what the gotta do and tell neighbors to be on alert yes but all these other non productive comments that arent "proven" done by this one man or just in bad taste are again in my opinion, immature and childlike. glad you like where you live. sorry you dont like outsiders comments. good for tourism im sure.