Below are the latest Riverside County election results. The Registrar of Voters thinks about 50,000 more ballots are left to count. This will begin tomorrow. The next results are projected to be posted Friday.

The overall results are the same as the initial results. Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack and Supervisor Jeff Stone easily out polled opponents last night. The difference is Bono Mack will face Dr. Raul Ruiz again in November. Between today and then, he must overcome a 12,000 difference. Stone has now won re-election to his third term.

In the Assembly District 71 race, Republican Brian Jones will face Democrat Patrick Hurley in November. Jones garnered 46 percent of the vote and Hurley had 3o percent. John McLaughlin, a Republican, finished third overall, but had 23 percent of the vote. However, McLaughlin led the voting in the Riverside County precincts, outpolling both Jones and Hurley by 400 votes.

Incumbent judges were re-appointed.

County voters supported the changes to term limits, which Proposition 28 proposed and it also easily passed statewide. However Proposition 29, the cigarette tax increase, is failing by about 65,000 votes out of more than 3.8 million counted.

Here are all the Riverside County results:
Proposition 28-Limits on Legislators terms
853/853 100.00%
Vote Count Percent
YES 110,861 60.66%
NO 71,886 39.34%
Total 182,747 100.00%

Proposition 29-Additional tax on cigarettes
853/853 100.00%
Vote Count Percent
NO 112,308 60.60%
YES 73,021 39.40%
Total 185,329 100.00%