Patricia Rose Ford ofLoma Linda works on her pastel outside the Quiet Creek Gallery on Saturday morning. Ford was one of many Plein Air artists creating art around Idyllwild during the weekend. The event was put on by the Art Alliance of Idyllwild. Photo by Barbara Reese

After the 2012 Plein Air Festival, finished works, from Saturday, were judged and honored. The Artist’s Choice and People’s Choice were determined by voting.


Best Over all:

  • First Place: Fariad Ali, “Dutton’s Place” (oil)
  • Second Place: Leslie Sweetland, “Idyllwild Red” (pastel)
  • Third Place: Marcus Thorne, “Mountain Retreat” (oil)
Fariad Ali’s oil painting, “Dutton’s Place” received first place over all, at the Plein Air Festival reception and awards ceremony on Sunday morning at the Quiet Creek Inn. Photo by Barbara Reese

Honorable Mentions:


  • Toni Williams, “Morning Light” (oil)
  • Patricia Rose Ford, “Idyllwild Morning Shadows” (pastels)
  • James Wisnowski, “Taking the Order” (oil)

People’s Choice Awards:

  • First Place: Marcus Thorne, “Mountain Retreat” (oil)
  • Second Place: Patricia Rose Ford, “Idyllwild Morning Shadows” (pastels)

Artist’s Choice Awards:(Tie) (both oil)

  • First Place: Marcus Thorne, “Mountain Retreat”
  • First Place: Rachel Welch, “Orange Truck” (acrylic)
Rachel Welch’s “Orange Truck” tied for first place (with Marcus Thorne) for the Artist’s Choice award at the Art Alliance’s annual Plein Air Festival reception & awards ceremony. Photo by Barbara Reese


During the Art Alliance’s Plein Air Festival reception and awards ceremony on Sunday morning, Marcus Thorne’s oil painting, “Mountain Retreat,” received first place for the Artist’s Choice (tied with Rachel Welch), first place People’s Choice and third place over all. Photo by Barbara Reese


The Quiet Creek Gallery hosted a demonstration of painting in Plein Air style on Friday night to kick off the weekend of the Plein Air Festival. Three professional artists collaborated in creating one oil painting. From left to right, are the artists, Rich Stergulz, Erich Neubert and Paul Strahm. As they painted they discussed the importance of value, temperature, shape, edges, light and shadow. Photo by Careena Chase