Locals who graduated from Hemet High School last week are:

  • Monica Alfonso Lopez
  • Elizabeth Finnell
  • Chelsea Gallardo
  • Maria Gutier
  • David Hernandez
  • Claudia Huizar Herrera
  • Michael James
  • Paul Kennen
  • Koleman Meltzer
  • Kevin Molina
  • Michael Mulhall
  • Cole Pennington
  • Kadeem Perez Montoya
  • Wyatt Priefer
  • Danielle Wampler

Awards, scholarships and honors received

  • Maria Gutier: Highest Honor Graduate, John R. Williams Memorial Scholarship
  • Claudia Huizar Herrera: Idyllwild Scholarship Fund
  • Michael James: Air Force JROTC
  • Paul Kennen: Honor Graduate, Special Education Tutor Award, Idyllwild Scholarship Fund, FACEing Math Scholarship
  • Michael Mulhall: Air Force JROTC
  • Wyatt Priefer: Highest Honor Graduate, Viola English Memorial Scholarship, Idyllwild Scholarship Fund, Outstanding Attendance Award
  • Danielle Wampler: Idyllwild Scholarship Fund


  1. Hello! I have a very random question…Many years ago (summer of 1995 or 1996 maybe?) I attended a Girls JROTC camp there in idyllwild . I was just wondering if anyone knew about it, where it was (I just remember that it was in Idyllwild – we stayed in cabins), or what happened to it? I would love to come back someday and visit the area! Thanks in advance!
    [email protected]