Two residential burglaries, one on River Drive (June 6) and one on Double View Drive (June 14), continue the spate of criminal activity that has increased over the last year.

And on Thursday, June 14, vandals cut the lock on Town Hall’s outside storage shed and ransacked the supplies kept inside. Nothing was stolen. Disorder and disruption seemed to be the motivation according to Bill Brown, CSA Operations Manager.

Three days later, Sunday, June 17, someone cut down the new parachute that provdes shade over the children’s play area in the rear of Town Hall,
rendering the environment a lot hotter during these recent high temperature days. On the same day, someone broke one of the picnic tables behind Town Hall and vandalized several others. Town Hall recreation uses those tables for children’s arts and crafts sessions.

“This kind of behavior ultimately hurts the children,” said Brown, who confirmed the Sheriff’s Department had been notified and a report made.

In addition, 3rd District Supervisor Jeff Stone is offering a $1,000 reward for any information that could lead to arrest and conviction of those responsible. “The county takes this issue very seriously and refuses to allow the perpetrators to intimidate children and families,” Brown said.

He also noted that the state Department of Social Services issued a report showing that Town Hall recreation programs are in full compliance with state requirements. Brown also said all four new full-time summer staff are local Idyllwild residents.