Has everyone forgotten the Skate Park that they have on their property? Or the Dog Park that is there, too?

I helped in their Meals on Wheels and Senior Lunch program in 2003. They lost quite a few dollars. How about all the other programs they have helped in the community?

I know Idyllwild Pines is being the best “neighbor” they can be in spite of running a camping business. Their charter is to have camping programs for youth around this area. They’re doing a wonderful job.

Do you think that Astro Camp should have all kinds of people with or without their dogs running around their property?

I believe the vandalism and breaking into vacant dorms is caused because of their accessibility. I know I wouldn’t want my children to attend a camp that wasn’t safe. What about our school playground that is in lock down? I think Idyllwild Pines should have fences and security guards.

My neighbors on one side of my house have “outside” dogs, which have barked 24/7. When I tried to talk to them, I was told to move and that their dog was only acting like a dog. My neighbors on the other side of my house have thrown empty beer bottles and cans over my fence to hide them from the owner.

Also, I have had dog owners walking their dogs on my property without picking up the dog’s poop.

I am one of five daughters and we were too poor to have an animal. But I had animals of all kinds when we raised my husband’s children.

As a child, I was bit by a dog, which makes me afraid of them. As we got older, I told my late husband to get a dog but he wanted to travel without the responsibility of feeding and picking up for an animal. Now I am widowed and can’t have a dog because I am disabled.

I’m sure people feel bad that they can’t walk beside the Idyllwild Pines’ Strawberry Creek; but as you know there are plenty of places to do so; one place that comes to mind is the entrance at Four Corners.

Pet people talk about cleaning up after their pets. Then why did Ms. Snyder tell about taking over the trash responsibilities at the dog park at no charge because the town had no one else?

Some people have told me that I just don’t like animals but really I dislike dog owners who think their dogs should have more rights then humans. A million dog bites are reported each year, with some of the dogs killing children.

Barbara Burgess


  1. I fully agree with Barbara Burgess.

    I love Idyllwild, I am a responsible pet owner, leashed when outside, and off leash when it's on my property.

    There is a time and place for dogs to be obedient and a time for dogs to be dogs and play freely. We must keep in mind that people come first and there are plenty of opportunities for dogs to play safely, without chasing birds, cats, squirrels or deer.

    It is the pet owners who allow their dogs to roam freely that do not pick up the poop, because they do not see it, when the dog is 3 mins away.

    I have confronted people with: Where is the poop BAG? you know who you are.
    your dog's poop is not organic and it doesn't belong here in the open. It attracts flies.

    Just like if a hiker pooped on your lawn or on the trail, you would expect them to dispose of it, buried 6 inches deep per the forest service rules.

    i will carry pepper spray and spray the owners that don't comply. you don't like it? you don't think that pepper spray is organic and belongs in your eyes? EXACTLY MY POINT.