What a wonderful parade. Again the Rotary did a fantastic job producing a traditional Idyllwild event.

And special thanks to the participation of UCR’s Pipe Band. They were ubitquitous last week. Thanks, Allan.

Also a special acknowledgment to Dawn Sonnier for all of her work to build another playground in the community. She is the second recipient of the Ernie Maxwell Community Spirit Award.

Enjoy the dozens of parade shots in this issue, but you’ll also see many photos from all of the other events that the town still had time to have and to attend.

Speaking of time, our readers have been quite busy the past two weeks — 10 letters last week and 11 this week.

It’s gratifying to have so many readers expressing their right to speak through the press. especially around July 4.

Thanks to each of you for sharing your thoughts and suggestions with the whole community.

Finally, Monk has had barks with Mayor Max, who apparently chuckled when he read Ben Killingsworth’s forecasts for Max’s administration to him.

Ben’s a typical political pundit who’s not in tune with the politics, according to Max. And he added that his council and commissioners never considered any of the ordinances which Ben said they would change.

“Not true,” Max told Monk. “We’ll let our constituents know without surprises.”