On Saturday night, Sept. 15, upon returning home from having dinner at Café Aroma, I noticed the center stone of my wedding band (nearly a one-carat diamond) was missing. I immediately felt it was hopeless finding it, but we decided to look around. We retraced our steps of the evening, first searching our home, our car, where we park our cars, our street, the parking lot at Café Aroma, and then every step I had walked when at the restaurant and where we sat outside at the restaurant.

In our search of Café Aroma, it was just after closing hours, but the staff and patrons jumped right in to help with the search. We had flashlights, and all the time we were looking, in my mind, I knew it was hopeless, and I felt embarrassed that I was taking up everyone’s time on a hopeless task, but we kept looking.

One of the restaurant’s staff asked for my telephone number in case they found it. While I was giving her my telephone numbers and believing it was hopeless, I hear a patron shout over to me that the diamond was found.

I couldn’t believe my ears, but sure enough, there it was. Rachel Welch found my diamond. I was so exhilarated that my diamond was found that I had to go around town finding people that night to tell them this amazing story.

Phyllis Mueller
Mother of Mayor Max


  1. Glad you found it, and the honest person found it. Although for your personal safety going forward, the police would advise you not to broadcast your name, and the high value of the bling on your finger – and have it in an online newspaper. You might attract unwanted attention at your home.
    Grabbing hands, grab all they can.