In the absence of Board President Charlie Wix, Vice President Bob Krieger led a swift and concise meeting Friday, Sept. 21.

Two days prior to the meeting, the board received a letter from customers Suzanne and David Horowitz requesting an adjustment or forgiveness of their recent $13,700 bill.

Apparently a valve controlling an underground line was accidentally turned on during August, which caused nearly 750,000 gallons of water to run into the ground. The leak was underground and the running water was not detected until the surface soil began to collapse.

The board asked General Manager Steve Erler to provide a report on the situation for the October meeting, when it will review the situation.

Krieger deferred the action because the board received the letter too late to be considered an action item this month.

FVWD does have a policy for excusing catastrophic water use.

Director Jim Rees told his colleagues that a customer had discussed the taste of water from tank no. 11 with him.

“We test the water quality in the tank numerous times,” Erler said. “It is safe to drink, very low in volatile organic compounds. It’s probably because of the warmer weather, but we’re doing a good job turning and blending the water in the tank.”

Erler stressed that he checks the tank’s water quality regularly and keeps the water churned within the reservoir.

In water business, Erler reported that the water level of most district wells had fallen again in September despite the rainfall. Well no. 10 fell 6 feet. However, he expects to see the levels rise this month as temperatures decline and trees and plants reduce their water demand.

July and August consumption increased 4.7 percent or 440,000 gallons from the 2011 level of 9.4 million gallons. Erler attributed this jump to the water leak; otherwise this would have been the lowest level of consumption since 2009.