I would argue against the descriptor “Grand” in the [announcement for the “Opening and Dedication Ceremony”] of the Idyllwild Library.

A pall hangs over it since the personnel changeover months ago, whatever the undisclosed reasons.

The distasteful manner in which this occurred remains fresh in the minds of many of us who were volunteers and acquaintances of the long-serving workers there.

Of course, library service to the community remains the priority but the foul odor left by LSSI [Library Systems & Services LLC], the British owned contractor, who manages the Riverside County Library System, will remain.

As a former degreed library professional, I have shared this information wherever possible.

Sadly, LSSI has had no comment which suggests policies which go beyond the over utilized excuse of “confidentiality” disguising any possible form of transparency.

LSSI has not shown itself to be a good corporate neighbor, at the very least, and they are certainly not “people” within the parameters of any popular context.

Be sure to click on the link below which confirms my position from no better source than “American Libraries,” the magazine of the American Library Association.

Reference: http://americanlibrariesmagazine.org/features/02162011/lssi-finds-more-resistance-its-library-management-bids.

Frank Jasko


  1. Are you people high on drugs or altitude sickness? Existing libraries across the country in very well educated areas are reducing their hours and staff, because only a tiny population of people still read paper based books. Those are usually older folks resentful of electronic media or like the smell of an old paperback (which is made of living trees that used-to-be)

    Look it up – The Librarian profession is extinct. It's not an opinion, it's a fact. It's gone the way of the full service gas station from the 1950s, the milkman delivery truck.

    It's also inefficient to drive to the library, waste gas, to find out a book is still out on loan. Get an e-book – that is the way of the future, but there still are a few people (Amish!) that ride a horse and buggy, while the rest have advanced into the 19th century.

    It was horrible doing college term papers using books, can't search content in 3 secs. Took an entire day off from work just to hunt down books at the university library – what a waste. Since you are reading this online, you are also not reading the Town Crier's paper edition.

    stop with the paper already. paper books are even more wasteful, because you need diesel trucks all over the highways polluting to deliver books in cardboard boxes, to be stored on wooden shelves. WHICH FOR A MOUNTAIN TOWN IS A FIRE HAZARD.

    Does anyone not know about the World's greatest library in Alexandria? burned. duh?

    Stop this silliness with librarians, libraries and paper books.

    Information doesn't need to be stored on paper with squid ink.

  2. When it comes to picking between an Ereader and the Public Library, I'll choose the Public Library any day. More information, is available at the library than with an Ereader–Especially when one needs to do research for a school term paper, thesis or what-have-you. And best of all…you don't have to pay a hefty price for the information or for a certain book you may like to read as you would with an Ereader. Yes, tax dollars is what helps keep the library's open, but it is well worth it especially when a wealth of knowledge and entertainment is our dividend in return.