I was very pleased to see the story about Idyllwild, Mayor Max and Mitzi by Sam McManis of the Sac Bee. The story captures the essence of the town where I have spent many summers and seasons playing and hiking.

I’d like to comment while I have the chance on the out-of-control, tacky advertising in the form of flags and the unsightly billboard of real estate postings at intersections and plastered on businesses.

Oversaturation of signs and flags truly detracts from the beauty of the town and drive up to Humber Park.  Idyllwild’s Mayor Max should do something about this visual intrusion. Woof.

I appreciate your editor for continuing her pointed stories about the fire district and issues with accountability, in general, of public servants and taxpayer monies. It takes courage to point out potentially cozy, beneficial relationships and stay true and ethical. Arf.
Nancy Wallace Lungren