Did you read about Measure U in the sample ballot and info pamphlet? We did and we have many questions.

Why are almost half of the Hemet schools requesting solar panels and it is not mentioned in the argument for the money?

Why are all the Hemet schools asking for facility equity augmentation and equipment? In the argument for the money, there is no explanation for facility equity augmentation and equipment?

Why are all the Hemet schools asking for campus security, safety, technology and accessibility projects?

The Hemet schools have hired narcs that follow the kids around, in common areas, listening to private conversations to make sure their speech is “PC” enough. Yes, the Hemet schools suspend kids if they say something that is supposedly on a list of words they cannot use.

No school in Riverside County used to have hired narcs to follow the kids around listening to and policing their private speech. We could see suspending kids if they said something wrong to a teacher or other adult at one of the Hemet schools, but to suspend for something said in a supposedly private conversation is just wrong and a violation of the First Amendment of our United States Constitution.

Why are most of the Hemet schools asking for repair of plumbing, electrical, mechanical systems and to do repairs of classrooms? Why is this not in the everyday operational budget? Do the Hemet schools really believe that they can operate their schools without general everyday maintenance?

It would appear, as has been happening since the 1960s, that the money allocated for education is going for everything but education.

The Riverside County school boards used to be positions where one served with a stipend for each meeting, not a paid full-time position. The school staff used to make a small salary. Now the staff, many times make more money than the qualified teachers.

Each school in Riverside County had a school nurse. Each school had a janitor and some staff to immediately fix and repair problems, or someone was brought in to immediately fix the problem.

Our granddaughter has only two subjects this year (9th grade) and the rest of her day is spent in P.E. or classes called “how to get through high school.” As she describes the class, it would be what we used to call home room class.

What ever happened to the quality teachers that were there before school and after school for the students that needed extra help or just wanted to talk?

Appearances are that the Hemet schools are asking for money for all the extras and not any necessary items for quality teaching.

Danny and Colleen McDonald