Dear editor:
I’m as surprised as you may be, but I feel moved to offer kudos to Southern California Edison.
Over the last few years, SCE has proactively sent numerous convoys up the Hill to repair or replace aging, inadequate equipment. Although this has meant frequent scheduled interruptions in service, it has also resulted in a sharp decline in sudden, sometimes catastrophic, power outages.
Those new to Idyllwild may be unaware that regular losses of electricity were an exasperating fact of life not long ago. A heavy rain fell: the power went out. The first, mild snow of the season drifted down: the lights flickered, at least. The town was hit by a major snowstorm: power poles snapped in half, and large swaths of Idyllwild would be in the dark and cold for three or four days.
It may be too soon to call victory, but I have not experienced or heard of a serious outage in three winters now. Knock wood, the valiant labors of SCE’s repair crews seem to have made our power supply a lot more dependable.
We are certain to notice a utility when it fails but usually take it for granted when it is working as it is supposed to. And yet it takes a lot of dedicated effort to make a utility function as it is “supposed to.” SCE, hats off to you.
Chris Morse
Fern Valley