Bud Hunt and Richard Montano debate the issues on Election Day, 1992, in front of the Red Kettle. File photo

65 years ago - 1947
The possibility of establishing a branch of the Riverside County Library in Idyllwild was being discussed. County funds were not adequate to hire a paid librarian, however, so volunteers were solicited.


60 years ago - 1952
Dick Elliott was named to head the Idyllwild Chamber of Commerce.

50 years ago - 1962
A proposal was made to rename Town Hall to Johnson Memorial Hall in honor of Jerry Johnson, recently deceased community leader.

45 years ago - 1967
A 40,000-acre fire charred the northern and western low slopes of the San Jacinto Mountains, taking two lives and causing $100,000 in damages.

40 years ago - 1972
A total of 2.54 inches of rain for October reduced the fire danger and improved the water situation.

35 years ago - 1977
Strawberry Creek Inn offered a Sunday Champagne Brunch for $3.95 and a Top Sirloin Dinner for $4.95, with a complimentary glass of champagne on weeknights.

30 years ago - 1982
The first measurable rainfall of the season fell in Idyllwild on Nov. 9.

25 years ago - 1987
The latest in fall fashions from the Grey Squirrel were displayed at the Mt. San Jacinto Senior Center during the Friends of St. Hugh’s Episcopal Church Annual Fall Fashion Show and Tea.

20 years ago - 1992
Hill residents turned out in big numbers to cast their votes in the Tuesday, Nov. 3, elections. There was a 64 percent turnout in Idyllwild and a majority of those people voted for the Democratic candidate, Bill Clinton.

15 years ago - 1997
Lisa Rosada, an Anza resident, found a stranded biker off Highway 371 trapped in a ravine. Rosada was driving to work when she noticed what appeared to be two discarded backpacks lying atop the edge where he plunged over. She found the man injured in the bush and called for medical help.

10 years ago - 2002
Looking good as new, Richard Lengyel shared his friendly smile upon his return to work at the Idyllwild Post Office after four months of being off the job while recovering from triple bypass heart surgery.

1 year ago - 2011
A Southern California Edison truck rolled on its side on Highway 74 near mile marker 57, between Mountain Center and Hemet, blocking the eastbound lane.