Humans and dogs alike came out to celebrate the grand reopening of Mountain Paws at their new location on North Circle Friday night. Photo by Jenny Kirchner

A notice posted on the Creek House Restaurant door advises “closed until further notice.” An email sent to employees from owners Lanny and Lorraine Hardy confirmed the same.

But in a Nov. 10 email to the Town Crier, Lanny Hardy said because of overwhelming community response they are trying to work something out. So, the popular Creek House at Fern Valley Corners is closed for now. On Tuesday, Nov. 13, Lorraine confirmed that they’re still looking at possible options.

Mountain Paws has moved across the street to a larger location and has all its Christmas decorations up. Paws is now in the warm home-like environment previous occupied by Angels in the Forest Cottage.

Finally, Idyllwild Community Acupuncture has a new owner, Miles Thomas. And as part of expanding service to the wider community, Thomas, working with Mountain Pawlytechnic’s Janice Murasko, will be providing acupuncture for pets. He is on staff at the University of California San Diego Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and owns South Park Community Acupuncture in San Diego. He is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist and has been a student of Asian medicine, meditation and martial arts for over 20 years.

Thomas notes, “Chinese acupuncture is one of the oldest, most commonly used systems of healing in the world. It is simply effective, safe, and sustainable health care.”


  1. Was at the Creek House a month ago and loved it – so sad to learn it's had to close! Hopefully things will turn around and on my next trip it will be open again. Please pass this on to the owners! HANG IN THERE AND OPEN THE DOORS AGAIN! Thank you