The Riverside County Assessor’s office has announced that many fees for county services will increase effective Dec. 7.

For example, the fee for a marriage license will be $90. Its current cost is $68, a 32 percent increase. A confidential marriage license will go from $76 to $100.

If the county performs the ceremony during the workweek, it will cost another $75, a $10 increase from what it would cost today. Saturday ceremonies will increase $23, to $113 from $90.

The cost for Fictitious Business Name Statements and their abandonment will go up too. These will be $58 and $24 respectively. The original statement is now $35, but abandonment will decrease $3.

Other fees that are increasing include legal document registrations, Notary Public filing fees and surety fees.

To see a complete list of Riverside County’s new fee schedule go online to and look for the story.

The Assessor’s Office also announced that the cost for birth and death certificates will increase by $2 on Jan. 1, 2013. The current fee is $21 for a birth certificate and $14 for a death certificate.

The state legislature raised the fees for these certificates.